Additional marine equipment manufacturing

Sewing Workshop
We design and manufacture branded, corporate overalls based on our own sewing production.

In addition to clothing, we also design and manufacture technical products such as awnings, canopies, curtains (insulating), covers and bags (for crafts, boats, motors, engines), and much more.
Buoyant work vests
A vest is equipped with a whistle and, as an option, it can be equipped with a search light and a reflective tape. A vest keeps a person afloat in salt or fresh water.

The product is made of Oxford water-repellent fabric.

Vest length: 70 cm
Vest width: 70 cm , which is increased by 15 cm due to the side lacing.
Vest weight:
0.5 kg or less
Life vest
A vest is intended for the crews and passengers of ships and offshore structures as an individual life-saving device at the sea.

Vests for children and adults.

Delivery package includes:

- vest with a belt
- electric signal light approved by the RMRS meeting the requirements of IMO Resolution MSC.81 (170)
- signal whistle
- passport
- RMRS certificate for a batch
- Certificate for life vests

Thrummed mats
Made of tarred cords and thrummed with tarred hemp, sisal or manila spun yarn. A cover made of one or two layers of waterproof canvas is sewn onto the back of a mat.
A patch is made of waterproof duck or other equivalent fabric and, depending on the type, it has a soft or wire layer. A patch is edged with leech ropes together with embedded hooks in a rated number. Patch mats are made of fiber rope strands and thrummed with spun lines. Canvas is sewn on the underside of a mat.

Patches are manufactured subject to the RMRS regulations and have a type approval certificate.
A wide range of rigging available. Selection of customs-make products.
Under-ladder and cargo nets
Under-ladder safety net is made of a twisted rope. Standard sizes: 3×4 and 5×6 with a mesh of 90×90 mm. We can manufacture nets of any size, starting from 30×30 mm.

Cargo net is made of twisted rope and serves as a mean for moving loads.
Signal figures
We'll make:

Red and black balls, cone, cylinder, T-shape figure, stripe, rhombus, cross, quadrilateral and triangular flags and pennant. The figures are made of plywood or thick wire covered with tarpaulin.
Flags and pennants
We make flag products including state flags, MCC flags and pennants, MCC flag sets, as well as, upon request, we make any flags with logos and other attributes.
We will make covers: awnings for cars, boats, yachts, crafts, moto, water scooters, swimming pools, as well as customs-make covers and awnings of various purposes.
Knotted pendants
Manufactured with manila ropes 8 to 10 mm, 60 to 90 mm in diameter (for the convenience of gripping knots with a hand) with the interval between adjacent knots not exceeding 500 mm.

Knotted pendants are made in accordance with the technical documentation approved by the RMRS complying with the LSA Code.

Certificate for knotted pendants
Ladders are used for boarding and deboarding crafts (boats) onto a ship during moorings, as well as when performing various outboard operations: painting a hull, cleaning anchors, scuppers, inspecting welds, etc.

Material. Stringer: manila rope with a circumference of 65 mm, seizing: tarred spun lines with a circumference of 16 mm or strands of fag manila rope with a circumference of 50 mm; rung: oak, maple, ash; insert: maple; hooks: hooks of standard P 0.3 size according to GOST 9689-61.

Certificate for Jacob's ladders
Rat guards
Made of anti-corrosion galvanized sheet. They are adjustable for various diameters of ropes. Equipped with two-way sliding ports.
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